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Starting a business is part of the American Dream. Most of us have imagined being our own boss at one time or another.

Starting and running a successful business is hard work. It takes long hours and real determination. Don’t despair though.

The success rate for starting a small business is much higher than frequently represented. Over 50% of new businesses started are still in business 5 years later.

The average investment in a new business in America is less than $5,000.

This guide below will help you explore the possibility of starting a business and determine what you will need to be successful. Do not spend any money at this point beyond books and classes for personal development. Don't spend money or sign anything until you have a plan and a budget.

When you are done with the guide, our Checklist for Starting a Business in California will prove helpful.

Also, be sure to check out the SBA Guide for Going into Business.

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