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Featured Speakers at the 2010 Governor's Conference on Small Business & Entrepreneurship

2010 Governors Conference Logo

The 2010 Governor’s Conference on Small Business and Entrepreneurship features some of California’s most dynamic speakers, representing the state’s most innovative companies. Featured companies and organizations include Google, Wired Magazine, the Milken Institute, Yelp, USA Today, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, U.S. Small Business Administration, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office and many more.

Michael Milken

Michael Milken – Chairman  of the Milken Institute

Michael Milken is a financier and philanthropist who has financed more than 3,200 companies that created millions of jobs. Fortune magazine called him “The Man Who Changed Medicine” for his 40 years of advancing medical research and cures for a wide range of life-threatening diseases.

Ashley Postlewaite

Ashley Postlewaite – Executive Producer, Renegade Animation

Ashley Postlewaite is Executive Director for the independent animation firm Renegade Animation, where she has produced animation for television, commercials, video games and a variety of new media applications. She is the former president of the Entrepreneur’s Organization.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson – Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine

Chris Anderson is editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine, which has won a National Magazine Award under his tenure. He is also the New York Times Best Selling author of, The Long Tail (2006), and Free (2009).

Monika Mantilla – President and CEO of Altura Capital Group.

Ms. Mantilla is responsible for the overall strategic direction and leadership of Altura Capital Group, including client relationship, marketing, product development, human capital development and financial management. Altura is a premier investment and advisory firm which exclusive dedication is to serve the needs of institutional investors in the area of emerging and diverse managers, by providing alpha-generating opportunities through exposure to new sources of investment talent.

Abel Maldonado – Lt. Governor, State of California

Abel Maldonado was sworn in as California’s 47th Lieutenant Governor on April 27, 2010. Mr. Maldonado previously held office in the California State Assembly and Senate and has remained a strong advocate for fiscal conservative values.

Joel Ayala

Joel Ayala – Executive Director, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office of Economic Development

Joel Ayala is the Executive Director of the newly created Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED). Prior to his appointment, Mr. Ayala was President and Chief Executive Officer of the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce.

Marty Keller

Marty Keller – Director, Governor Schwarzenegger’s Office of the Small Business Advocate

Marty Keller is the Deputy Director for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Director of the Office of the Small Business Advocate. Marty Keller was appointed Director of the Office of Small Business Advocate by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in May, 2007.