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Mig E Fresh Trash Cans, Fresno

The concept of Mig E Fresh Trash Cans came about, after countless years of two young men’s responsibility at home to empty the family trash and hating having to handle the required city  trash bins. Ironically, these two friends, Miguel Negrate and Doug Siebert had some insight on the trash can world since Doug was a city trash collector for three years but became unemployed because of the economy.

Miguel and Doug attended a workshop at the Central California SBDC  (CCSBDC) and met with Joi Eubanks for assistance with their business plan concept, structure, marketing and strategic development.  In May 2009 they started Mig E Fresh, a mobile trash cleaning service for Valley residents.  They are proud to say that in only three months time, they have an impressive 100+ clients with that base expanding daily.

Miguel and Doug also believe in lessening their carbon footprint by only using biodegradable and eco friendly products to clean the bins. In addition, they only use 3-7 gallons of water per trash can and transport the waste water to the water recycle plant. They are currently working with the SBDC to become small business certified, in order to qualify for municipal contracts.   “With the new ordinance that states all trash cans must be kept out of site, most people are now storing their trash cans in the garage or on the side of the house, giving that awful stench a chance to creep into your home. We are trying to alleviate that problem in a safe effective way” states Doug.

“The CCSBDC has been an awesome resource for our growing business, without the support of Joi and the staff there, this exciting journey would have been a lot harder.” Miguel Negrete-Co owner Mig E Fresh Trash Cans. “The unwavering support and constant guidance of the CCSBDC is much appreciated. As someone brand new to entrepreneurship, having them as a “coach” to help guide us through this new life adventure is truly a great thing. Thank You SBDC!!” Doug Siebert- Co-owner Mig E Fresh Trash Cans