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Success stories

Riverbed Yoga, Guerneville

Riverbed Yoga is a small yoga studio located in the resort town of Guerneville, CA (population 5,000). Owner Joan Hawley McClain’s passion is making yoga accessible to everyone and she strives to provide a welcoming environment to enhance both the yoga and community.

Riverbed Yoga offers instruction for the beginner to advanced level student. Specialized private lessons are targeted to couples who want to connect through breath and movement or individuals with chronic health issues who need a session tailored to specific needs.

Treats for Chickens, Cotati

Treats for Chickens hatched in 2009 in West Petaluma, CA.

Those who knew Dawn thought she had simply lost her mind. She gracefully gave notice to her employer of an agency in the federal government in San Francisco to make treats for backyard pet chickens. She traded in her heels, water cooler humor and 9-5 for mud boots, for chicken manure and the greatest tasting eggs this side of the Mississippi.

Napa Valley Bistro

Bernardo Ayala had extensive contact with advisors at the Napa SBDC during his tenure as executive chef at Silverado Brewing Company. He and owner Michael Fradelizio successfully accessed SBDC assistance for several years, receiving assistance in restaurant management, food, beverage and labor cost control as well as overcoming operational challenges to become a wildly successful leader in the local, sustainable food scene. In the spring of 2013, Bernardo requested assistance to evaluate a restaurant site that had become available and to assist him in opening the proposed restaurant, Napa Valley Bistro.

Napa School of Music, Napa

The Napa School of Music is a private music school owned by Peter & Victoria Sykes which opened in 2005. All styles of music are taught, including classical, rock, jazz, flamenco, pop and metal.  Instruction is offered on accordion, bass, cello, clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, harmonica, keyboards, piano, saxophone, steel guitar, trombone, tuba, ukulele, upright bass, viola, violin, and voice. Music programs include: Garage Band 101 for kids and adults, Rhythm, Melody & Harmony: a music foundation class for K-2 and Songwriting 101.

West Accounting Services, Napa

After analyzing the needs of small and mid-sized companies, Lisa realized that few business owners were taking time to understand and to properly create their financial statements. Lisa developed West Accounting Services with the goal of providing the much-needed service of education and financial records development and management. The company provides full bookkeeping service, payroll, financial analysis, and consulting for small to mid-size companies in the greater Napa and surrounding counties. Lisa provides a unique service by working in the client’s office; no need for the business owner to lose work time. And Lisa is on-site to ask and answer important questions.

Elite Caregivers, North Coast

Elite Caregivers provides in-home non-medical caregiving services to seniors and adults in Humboldt, Del Norte, and Shasta counties, using a “whole person” approach. Their services foster an improved quality of life and empower their clients to live in the privacy of their own home. They believe the clients’ safety and well-being is their highest priority — they want to know their customers’ needs: medical, non-medical, social, and psychological. Elite works closely with the client, their family, and physician to develop a personalized plan of care, reviewing and updating the plan as needs change.

Windy Point Fence, Humboldt County

Windy Point Fence is a contractor in Humboldt County specializing in fences.

Kathryn Stotler, Eureka

“Common items of refuse are the focal point of my collage / assemblages, a compelling format for artistic exploration and evolution for me. I feel driven to explore the visual secrets of scavenged objects, discarded household fabrics, and materials we commonly discard. I am continually fascinated by the visual qualities that this mix of objects and materials brings to abstract imagery. The materials speak to me in different ways so the work is continually evolving and what you see today may be very different from what you see a month from now. So please stay tuned, this is all a work in progress. Most of the cloth in these works has been woven, dyed, painted, and stiffened. All of papers have been painted, stripped, folded and intermixed with cloth. Metal, rubber, and plastic have been scavenged, cleaned, oxidized, and painted or coated. The paints are unwanted house colors, watercolors, fabrics paints, and cold water dyes. Only the frames are new.”

Cool Earth Solar, Livermore

Cool Earth Solar (Cool Earth) is an innovative start-up company whose fundamental technology uses an inflatable plastic film to concentrate sunlight onto a photovoltaic (PV) solar cell. With these concentrators, Cool Earth PV cells generate over 1,000 times the electricity of non-concentrated PV cells.

In addition, Cool Earth is developing a complementary technology – a solar meteorological station (met station) that provides highly accurate measurements of solar radiation at a low price point and with minimal maintenance. A network of these inexpensive met stations produces the data required to develop the highly accurate solar generation forecasts needed by utilities, solar operators, and government agencies such as NOAA.

Axiom Mobile Imaging, Silicon Valley

Axiom Mobile Imaging has a passion for serving the most vulnerable of patient populations - seniors and others with limited mobility. We make their lives easier by bringing state of the art diagnostic exams (x-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs, Cardiac Echoes and more) to their homes or bedsides if they can't easily get to a hospital. We build strong networks with treating physicians, post-acute care providers, home health companies and caregivers to help provide the support network required to ease patients gradually back to their homes from an injury or illness that may have led to a hospitalization. In today's challenging environment, we do this as a low cost and low hassle alternative to transporting patients to a hospital, where they may face expensive readmission.